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Did you Know, You Are Psychic!

After having worked as a Registered Nurse for 8 years, I decided to become a counselling therapist so that I could help people heal more than the physical alone. Having gone through my own healing journey, I discovered that while talk therapy alone is very helpful, it had limitations. This led me to learn Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Holy Fire Reiki, Somatic Experiencing, Breathwork and Intuitive Readings, so that I could combine the mind, body and spirit to healing.

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Did you Know, You Are Psychic!

Psychic abilities are often portrayed as a gift that you either have or you don’t and something that is only present for some people and not for others. However, it is actually an ability that we all have and can develop. It is similar to learning to play the piano; everyone can learn, but not everyone is going to be Mozart. While not everyone will want to do readings, psychic abilities can be as simple as getting a bad feeling when entering a home, knowing that someone is in a bad mood before they even speak, getting a good feeling about taking a new job, knowing just what to say in a difficult moment.

The senses – How Information Comes

The way that psychic senses work is that is communicates to you through your inner senses. That means that it can come through inner knowing, such as knowing something without necessarily knowing how you know (claircognizance). Information might also come through imagination or visualization. For example, when you recall an event that happened, you might remember by picturing what happened through your inner eye (clairvoyance). There is also the empathic sense, which means that you might feel what others are feeling, and some might even pick up physical pain from others (clairsentience). There is also the ability to pick up information through your inner hearing; just like you would hear your inner voice or that you have a song stuck in your head (clairaudience). It is rare, although not unheard of, that people have the ability to obtain psychic information through their physical senses. Your inner senses are used every day, and might come in conjunction with one another. For example, I tend to get information through my clairvoyance sense, as it will come in as a movie, and I will instantly know what they mean (claircognizance). Sometimes, I will hear a message or feel an emotion associated with the picture that I am seeing.

How to Learn

If you are aware that you are using any of the senses mentioned above, you can learn to develop your psychic abilities. A good way to know which ones are stronger for you is to recall a memory and to explore which way it comes to you. Often, the easiest way to start to practice is through clairvoyance even if it is not your strongest sense, as it tends to be the most accurate and concrete sense. However, you can use whatever sense come to you – don’t block them. For those who have aphantasia (inability to imagine) – simply focus on your other senses. One exercise that you can try is to ask yourself one thing that is going to happen during the day. See if you can bring yourself in a trance state, like when meditating and then you can visualize a flower, and ask the question the question – what will happen today. See what happens to the flower. For example, you might see that it loses a pedal, turns a certain color or move in a particular way. You can then ask it to show you more and notice what comes to you. You might start to get images, hear things, feel things or know things.

Another way to get information is through using object, such as tarot card, or through images of others, by drawing, writing, or through an object that someone has held with them. These can be tools to help stimulate psychic senses. The tarot card might have logical explanation of what they mean, but you can focus on them by looking at the picture and noticing if other information comes through. Free drawing or writing would be to draw or write without filtering what you write. This can stimulate a trance state and start to flow out information. And finally touching an object that belongs to someone and waiting for information to come through is another way to stimulate your psychic senses. This is called psychometry.

Regardless of the method that you use, pay attention when information is accurate as you will start to notice when and how intuitive information is coming to you. Don’t worry if you are wrong about certain things, you are learning and it doesn’t mean that you are not psychic. I usually mean that you were in your rational logical mind. The more that you practice the more you will get to understand how information communicates through you. The way that I learned was to practice clairvoyance with complete strangers for a year without prior information on them. I did this in exchange for feedback and eventually, I started to connect and trust my senses. A big part of this is to trust what is already happening. Furthermore, psychic senses are often something that is already happening and you simply need to learn to connect to it, rather than create a new ability that is completely foreign and new.

Preparation and closing

Before starting to practice your psychic sense, it is helpful to go into a meditative state. This helps to get out of the rational left brain thinking and into your intuitive side. One meditation that can help is to visualize earth energy going from the center of the earth and into your feet, all the way up to your first chakra at the base of your spine, then back out and down from outside of your body. You can also visualize cosmic energy coming into the crown chakra from the top of your head and moving all the way down to your feet. Then you can see it coming back up and out of your head, going back down outside of your body. You can also ask for messages from divine light and ask for protection from your guides, angels, archangels, higher power etc. It is important to not call in any being to give you information, just as you would not open your home to just anyone. You can also protect your space by asking the Holy Spirit/Universe/God to bring white light into your space for protection.

When you are done, a reading, you can clear out your energy field by running a purple light down from your crown chakra to your feet, and back up and out from your crown chakra, going back down outside of your body. You can visualize a flower representing the person you read and put all of their energy into it, and send it to the universe for more healing. The book “You are Psychic” by Debra Lynne Katz is a great book with great details on how to connect with psychic information and do a reading.

How to choose a psychic/medium healer and what to look out for

Psychics can have a bad rep, since there have been times where people have taken advantage of others. It is therefore important to connect well with whoever is doing a psychic reading and to keep a healthy level of skepticism. Always trust your intuition first, no matter what any psychic/medium says. That means that if something feels off for you or enlightening, follow both of those instincts. While some psychics are better than others, know that the future is never set in stone and that you always have free will. Often, the reader will read what your future looks like based on the path that you are currently on. If you chose to change your path, then your future will change. The thing to note is that there is not one single way to live life, and that regardless of the path that you chose, you will still have the same overall life lesson. Furthermore, no psychics are ever 100% accurate, even the best in the world; anyone who guarantees that they are should be questioned. How a reading works is that the reader will read your energy and translate it to you.

A good reading will leave you feeling more empowered, clear and will give you hope for the future, direction to take in the present time, and insight on some things that can help you get to your goals. Some of the red flags to look for are readers who will try to instil fear and worry. While challenges are part of life, being told that you are going to get attacked is not helpful information as it can leave you living in fear. If you see a psychic that looks for that in your reading, disregard the information and see what can be helpful in your life. The other thing to look out for is if the reader requires you to pay more to get more information, if they says that there are curses that need to be removed by paying more, that they are the only one that can help you, and that you have to come back to get more healing with them because they are going to fix the issues and are the only ones who can. Choosing to do more healing with a reader should be your choice, and should never be the only option for your healing. It may sound silly, but how this tends to work is that the psychic can pick up accurate and vulnerable information, and manipulate the person who is being read with it. Please note that this is quite rare, and the same caution should be considered with any professional that you see.

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