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All services are offered virtually. I take an integrative approach to healing a wide range of ailments, including trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, existential issues, birth trauma, among other things. Within a safe, supportive and respectful environment, I strive to help you achieve your goals, assist you in your healing and growth journey, and to help you feel empowered. My integrative approach is offered through the use of psychotherapy, somatic experiencing (in training), hypnotherapy, intuitive readings and energy healing, such as Reiki. Each has their own value and touch on different aspect of the mind, body and spirit.


Counselling /
Somatic Experiencing

Talk & Somatic therapy

1 hr

CA $150 ($130.45 + $19.57 tax)



Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Past Life 

1 hr 45 min

$215 ($186.96 + $28.04 tax)


Intuitive Reading

Clairvoyant and Intuitive Reading

1 hr

CA $165 ($143.47 + $21.53 tax)



Holy Fire Reiki and Metatronia Healing

1 hr 15 min

CA $130 ($113.04 + $16.96 tax)

Breathing 2.jpg


Conscious Connected Breathing

1 hr 15 min

CA $130 ($113.04 + $16.96 tax)

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