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Meet Natalie


Hi! I'm Natalie and I am a strong believer in practicing what I preach. All of the services that I offer, I have tried on myself first. Having experienced limitations with talk therapy alone, I decided to expand my services to experiential therapy, so that greater healing can happen. This means that emotions, mind, body and spirit are brought into therapy so that it can work through all levels and it also help create a new experience. This can be done through hypnotherapy, somatic experiencing, reiki, breathwork or intuitive readings.

I am motivated in supporting you, in a flexible way, through life's challenges and transitions. I believe that everyone has the innate ability to heal, and through the right support, can move through life's hurdles. I love to work in a holistic way, incorporating the mind, body and spirit into my work. I am honest, caring and compassionate. In my spare time, I love to be outdoors, do all sorts of sports and read. 

As for my professional background, I am a Canadian Certified Counselor (CCC) and a Licensed Clinical Therapist Candidate (LCT-C 22-043). I also studied Heart Centered Hypnotherapy with the Wellness Institute where I became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I am also currently obtaining my certification in Somatic Experiencing, where have have completed Advanced level 1 training. 


In addition to therapy, I also have a background as a Registered Nurse, where I worked in a cardiac unit, ICU, ER, COVID-19 unit, PCU and public health. I am a level 3 Clairvoyant graduate from the International School of Clairvoyance and have been doing professional readings since 2016 for people from across the world. I am also a certified Metatronia level 1 healer and a level 2 Holy Fire Reiki practitioner. 

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