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Intuitive Reading

A reading is a session where I uses my intuitive abilities to read your energy and access information about what is most important for you to be aware of at this time in your life, so you can achieve your goals. It can be used to obtain greater clarity about a situation or guidance on the best direction to take. Scroll down for More Information

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A clairvoyant reading can be an intensive energy healing as well, because the moment a clairvoyant looks at you, energy can start to move and transform. It can help you release thought forms, behavior patterns that aren't in sync with who you are, gain greater understanding around relationships and heal them, and release old programming that are no longer fitting. It can be a way to bring light to the unconscious, so that you can make new choices from a greater sense of awareness. 

It is important to understand no reader will always get an answer for every question. No psychic does. This is true of the very best clairvoyants, remote viewers and mediums, and actually also true of every single person in any other profession. What I do guarantee during your sessions is that I will give you my absolute attention and share the information that is available to me, to ensure you get the most out of your session. 


Readings, regardless of who you do it with, should be used as guidance. Nothing is ever set in stone. Many people fear getting a reading, because they are afraid that the psychic will see something bad in their future. The future however is very dependent on the choices made in the past, and how one thinks about and behaves in the present. Therefore, during a reading, your past might come up to be healed, and I will look at what you need to do in the present to have the life you desire in the future. The future can be very interchangeable if you change your current course of action. I don't look disturbing information about the future, disturbing as defined by the client and myself. I look for things that can make you feel empowered or that will most help you face your present and future. 


During the reading, nothing will be required of you during the reading except for you to listen and you can take notes if you wish. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions at the beginning of the reading and at any time throughout. It would be good if you can have access to a private space for your own privacy, and ​I ask that you don't have anyone else in the room during the reading, as this could cause energetic interference. ​

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