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Past Life Regressions

After having worked as a Registered Nurse for 8 years, I decided to become a counselling therapist so that I could help people heal more than the physical alone. Having gone through my own healing journey, I discovered that while talk therapy alone is very helpful, it had limitations. This led me to learn Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Holy Fire Reiki, Somatic Experiencing, Breathwork and Intuitive Readings, so that I could combine the mind, body and spirit to healing.

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Past Life Regressions

Past life Regression

Past life regression can be greatly healing. The fun part is that you do not even have to believe in past lives for them to be helpful. In fact, simply experiencing a past life regression can alleviate some unexplained pains, heal emotions, and provide understanding for why we are the way we are. For some, it can provide a sense of meaning of why they are here in this life. It might also bring understanding to why some relationships are so complicated or difficult. The fun part is that past lives are accessible quite easily, either through meditations (Doreen virtue has a good one called past life regression with the angels and Brian Weiss has some too), and the other way to access them is through hypnotherapy or breathwork. While this is not always the case with breathwork, some spontaneous past life memories might submerge in a breathwork session.

Ongoing research is being conducted on past lives, especially with children who recall previous lives. Some can be proven, especially when the people involved in the past life that the child remembers are still alive. Children will usually tend to remember their past lives and express them between the ages of 3-5, and as their brain evolves, forget them. Some people are born with birth marks or unexplained pains/fears that can be explained by going through a past life regression. Sometimes, past life memories might submerge in dreams, especially dreams that you pass away and dreams where people seem so familiar to you even though you do not know them in this life.

How they are useful

Past life regression can be helpful in many ways. They are particularly helpful in cases where people who are experiencing things that cannot be explained from this lifetime. For example, I worked with someone who was experiencing intrusive symptoms that medical doctors could not explain, even though she went through multiple medical tests. In one past life regression session, she was able to go to the source of this issue and experience healing. Since that day, her symptoms completely vanished. While it is not guaranteed that one session will bring all the answers, as shown in this case, it can definitely bring healing. In addition to the example presented, past life regression might shed some light to unexplained fears, illnesses and relationship struggles with particular people. However, you don’t have to experience unexplained issues to benefit from past life regression. They can actually help understand more of who you are and provide a sense of purpose to your life.

The important thing with past life regression is being able to bring meaning and understanding to your current life. While it might be fun to explore other lives, it is important to remember that you are experiencing life in this current time. So being able to bring lessons learned from a previous life into the current one is important. For example, when going through a past life regression, some people in a previous life might be the same people in your current life, but are playing a different role in this life. More specifically, one might experience a past life were their parent abused them. However, in this life, that parent might be your brother with who you’ve struggled to get along. Being able to go back to the past life can help shed light into why this relationship is so difficult. This can help shed light into why some of the relationships are a bit more difficult than others, or easier than others.

The Experience

For some, experiencing a past life regression might be confusing if they get caught into worrying if the experience is real or imagined. And while some of the past life regressions have actually later been proven, it may not always be the case. Nonetheless, the details of whether it is real or imagined are not important. What is important is, to focus on the awareness that it brings, the understanding that it creates and the healing that it provides. Some of the thing that people can experience from them is a release of pressure to do everything perfectly in this life, and a sense of purpose that you are here for a reason. It can also bring peace in moments of grief as it allows people to see that the soul is immortal and that it simply transitions between dimensions. By going through a past life regression, you might experience unfinished business from other lives, which can help understand particular struggles in the current life, and what you are here to complete.

Things to note

When doing past life regressions, we often experience different lives with similar people, and we might play a different role and be a different gender. And interestingly, you might even experience lives that were not on this earth. However, it is important to note that not all issues are past life related. You might also experience lives where you were not kind, that you did heroic things, that you were famous or that you were greatly struggling. Different roles that you take in each life bring different lessons to your soul that you can carry forward in subsequent lives. Finally, while it can be tempting to only experience past life regressions, pay attention if it is to avoid being in the life you are currently in.

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